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Nicholasville's award-winning utilities system provides reliable electric, water and sewer services within and adjacent to the city.

City of Nicholasville Utilities

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Electricity: The electric department purchases power from Kentucky Utilities and distributes it to approximately 5,900 customers through the utility's transmission and distribution system. An additional substation is under construction and is expected to be energized by the end of November 2003.

Water:The water department consists of an intake pumping facility, a water treatment plant, a high service pumping facility, and transmission and distribution system. The treatment plant serves approximately 10,500 retail customers and two wholesale customers, with a capacity of 6 million gallons per day (mgd). The treated water transmission and distribution system consists of a grid of mains ranging from 2 to 24 inches in diameter and has a total elevated storage of 1.5 million gallons. For the annual drinking water quality report click here.

Sewers: The sewer department, serving approximately 8,700 customers, consists of a 4.1 MGD wastewater treatment plant (Jessamine Creek Environmental Control Facility), 14 pump stations and a collection system comprised of a network of gravity sewers and force mains.

System Improvements

Major capital improvement projects include:

  • Town Fork Interceptor - 48 inch gravity sewer (11,645 Linear Feet) starting at the Jessamine Creek Environmental Control Facility and extending to John Watts Drive in the Industrial Park. At the Industrial Park, the pipe changes size to a 30 inch gravity sewer (6,510 Linear Feet) and continues from John Watts Drive to East Brown Street.
  • Construction of the North End Sewer (45,800 Linear Feet) of gravity sewers sized 8" to 24", 172 manholes, 16" force main (9,950 Linear Feet) and one 1.5 MGD pump station.
  • 20" Water Transmission Main (18,000+ Linear Feet) - This is the third phase of a project to provide a backbone main around the edge of the corporate limits. This backbone main, which is currently under construction, will provide support to the distribution grid and help to reduce energy losses between the treatment plant and the distribution grid, which includes the elevated storage tanks.
  • Elevated Water Storage Tank (1.5 Million Gallons) - This additional storage will be connected to the backbone main mentioned above. This tank will double the city's distribution storage. The increased capacity will enhance fire-fighting reserves for the city and permit greater flexibility in the operation of the treatment plant.

For city ordinances relating to utility services, click here.

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