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Water Treatment Plant Expansion

The most recent expansion of the Nicholasville Water Treatment Plant, completed in 2010, increases the capacity from six million gallons a day to nine million gallons per day. This expansion also improves water quality and meets new, more stringent, EPA requirements.

Capacity improvements include:

  • Addition of a new four million gallon per day raw water intake pump and safety and maintenance improvements to the pump platform.
  • A two stage chemical mix facility.
  • A new three million gallon per day train of conventional vertical flocculation and rectangular sedimentation basin.
  • Five new filters to provide up to twelve million gallons per day of filtration capacity.
  • Two new 300,000 gallon clearwells.
  • Facility and office renovations.

Water Quality improvements include:
  • Bulk-feed powdered activated carbon facility to absorb TTHM precursors.
  • Aqueous ammonia system for future chloramine disinfection. Right now, this will be used for a sodium permanganate feed system for pre-oxidation of TTHM precursors.
  • More efficient computer controlled air and water backwash systems for more effective filter cleaning.
  • Additional tube settling modules for lower turbidity discharge from the sedimentation basins.
  • Replaced the 20 year old SCADA computer system with a newer system with more capabilities.
  • A bulk sodium hypochlorite disinfection facility to replace the chlorine gas disinfection facility
  • Click here to see pictures of the construction or here to see pictures of the completed expansion.

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