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Police Department

Patrol Division

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division (also known as Operations) is the largest division, encompassing 37 officers. Functions include:

  • Calls for services
  • Motorist assists
  • Documentation of case reports
  • Foot patrol
  • Security checks
  • Enforcement of all laws

Many officers participate in specialized service units. These include:

Bike Patrol

Officers on bicycles work in two-person units to patrol high crime areas to conduct criminal investigations and apprehension. They also are used for special functions where large numbers of people gather or where vehicles might not have access.

Criminal Investigations

All felony cases and those misdemeanor cases in which there is a suspect are investigated by officers in this division. Crime categories may include vice (such as prostitution and gambling), white collar (such as computer fraud and embezzlement), and sexual abuse cases. In addition, all missing person reports are turned over to this division and worked daily until the missing person is located.

Drug Enforcement Division

Officers in drug enforcement, often working with Patrol officers, execute search warrants and make arrests related to illegal drug sales. The process often begins with informants and leads officers through a chain of events that culminate in the arrest of individuals selling illicit drugs in the community.

Emergency Response Team

This highly specialized tactical unit is called into action for high incident crimes such as barricaded hostages, attempted suicides, and other dangerous situations. The ERT seeks to protect citizens, involved individual(s), and all officers.

Hostage Negotiations Team

A three-person negotiation team works to rectify any hostage situation or an attempted suicide in which weapons are involved. The team strives to do this without injury to anyone directly or indirectly involved in the incident.

Adopt a School, Day Care & Nursing Home

Officers assigned to the day shift are assigned to visit each school, day care center, and nursing facilities daily. On the visit, the officer makes a routine walk-through of the building, and makes a point to interact with those they meet, whether they are students, children, senior citizens, or employees. In addition to being available for problem solving, the program communicates the level of support and dedication provided by the Nicholasville Police Department.

K-9 Drug Unit

Two officers and their canine partners operate illegal drug search and interdiction services for the Nicholasville Police Department. Searches can be conducted in the course of routine police business, such as during a traffic stop, or in other circumstances in which officers have permission to be on a property, such as when invited by a home or business owner.

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