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Police Department

Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

There are many steps communities and their police forces can take to reduce crime. Following are some of the ways the NPD, in conjunction with citizens, is making a positive impact:

Citizen Police Academy—this program helps inform residents and workers about police work. Greater understanding builds relationships and opens doors to communication.

Adopt a School, Daycare and Nursing Home Programs—With officers adopting a facility to visit each day, the likelihood of our community's weakest individuals becoming victims can be reduced and their access to support and assistance increased.

Neighborhood Watch/Homeland Security—When citizens learn how to watch out for their friends and neighbors in an organized way, the impact can be significant. Police officers are glad to work with groups to arm them with information and tips for making their homes and neighborhoods safer.

Highly Trained Police Force—One of the best ways a police department can reduce crime is to have officers who are trained to do their jobs well. We provide many training opportunities within our program and encourage officers to continue their education, skills and capabilities through formal and informal training programs and practice.

Highly Visible Force—Having a presences is also a strong deterrent. Our patrol division may be seen in cars, riding bikes, and on foot throughout the city. Specially trained units respond to specialized situations quickly and in the numbers required to manage the situation.

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